Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chicken - I've always been like this.

Mario - That's it !!  THE MUSHROOM IS MINE !!!

... unfortunately, my wing got stuck... It wasn't the first time, though.
Mike was way smaller now.. So I took back what was mine and switched my "hair bow" for a big badass TANGA-MASK !  And that's the story of how I got this super-cool-one-of-a-kind tanga mask !

Batman - But... wait a minute... You were not supposed to tell us how you learned TO SPEAK ??
Chicken - Oh, that ?

Chicken - So then ... Mike was wearing my tanga of power ! ... And Sully passed out.
This guy was HUGE !  I decided to use my secret weapon.
But it wasn't necesary, because it didn't last... 

Batman - He's chocked with the spaguetti !!!
Mushroom - But do something Mario !!

Mario - Done ! .. Go on with your story, chicken !
Chicken - It wasn't you... It was... SULLEY SULLIVAN AND...

Sulley - MIKE ! Looook !!! I told you it was the wrong door !!
Mike - Fuuuuck !!! Whatever ! Take her fucking tanga !!

Chicken - I think they were on drugs or something...
However, I couldn't let them escape with my tanga, so I followed them and... OMG !
Batman - But ...

So I kept walking... and I arrived to some sort of BAT-CAVE.

- Hey ! It sounds like my home !

Chicken - Yes... Then that horrible creature came out from the shadow and captured me... He wanted my tanga slip !

Batman - Of course ! That's why I wear my panties on top !!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Chicken - Back to the story ...
Is this a tanga slip ?    ... So I put it on and ...

- Does it hurt, bro ?
Batman - Na, it's like beeing hit with a feathers duster.

Chicken -